Why our timber retrofit is the best system.

We use a 14mm spacer bar as our starting point for your glass units – a wider gap = better insulation. All glass is matched to todays glass specifications. All timber rebates are primed and sealed to protect your frames. Any rot or softness of wood is patched, treated or replaced or repaired – Before … Read more

What can I expect in an Aluminium retrofit?

The double glazed glass units are matched to your aluminium profile type – we aim to give you the widest possible gap. Each aluminium window type takes a different bead type. We match colour and bead type to your windows and doors. Ranch sliders and doors are checked¬†separately¬†along with rollers and latches. Most often, opening … Read more

What are the the five most important things I should know?

Check your quotes – not all glass are equal, Different brands and specification claims can confuse and may not give you the best value. Low E glass is better and higher end Low E glass is better still. If you can afford it, it makes sense to do it once as best you can, but… … Read more